Frequently Asked Questions

What age groups are catered for in Fleetwood Gym ABC classes?

  • Tiny Tysons Class - Age 5 to 9 years 
  • Beginner/Junior Class - Ages 10 to 16 years
  • Senior Class = Age 17 years and over

What type of certification do your boxing coaches hold?

All of our coaching team are certified to England Boxing Level 1 standard or have equivelent and current competetive experience as a minimum. 

Senior Coach Drew Austin is a qualified England Boxing Level 2 Coach. 

Head Coach Sean McGann is a Level 3 coach which is England Boxing's highest level qualification. Sean is also a Development Coach on the England Boxing Performance Pathway programme.  


Do I need to bring any boxing equipment?

No, we have all the items of equipment that you'll need for each session (but if you have your own then that's fine too).    

Do I need to book if I want to attend a class?

No.  Currently you do not need to book if you want to attend one of the classes.  It's fine to turn up just before the class time but please try not to be late.